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calculate bearings function not working


I am not sure why the "calculate bearings" function is not working in LOAS. I am taking biangulations; have data in columns for x coordinates, y coordinates, bearings, and date. I am using decimal degrees. I can see that the bearings will cross when I am in the field, but the "calculate bearings" function does not produce anything on the canvas. Any suggestions?

The first step is to see what does the error report say, if anything. This can give clues as to what happened.

Also, make sure the bearings actually cross. Thinking they do in the field is not the same as they actually do. You can check bearings by using the drawing tool in LOAS.

Also, there are settings in LOAS that are designed for quality management and can be set to exclude bearings that may cross at very large distances. If these variables are set, they may be excluding bearings that cross outside this range.

If this does not help, feel free to contact us for assistance. We have always been able to resolve such issues if we have actual data examples.

If you contact us, so issues can be tested directly by others to help diagnose an issue, please provide bearing sample data sets that giving problems**. Data sets can be copied directly from LOAS (just highlight the record cells) pasted into a message like this:

0.0000 422.2705 19.8248 289.8619
0.0000 -273.9715 -135.6709 48.3334
0.0000 -253.9380 484.4313 132.4696

Also provide the grouping variable(s) if they are not obvious.

** Of course, do not post sensitive location data. If necessary, shift location data by multiplying all by the same random number before posting.